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2. Sri Sahasra Lingarchana Puja Vidhanam (6 types of Rudrabhishekams)

No. Of Pages: 412

Language: Telugu

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The devotees of Lord Siva have contributed significantly for the development of our culture at various places of this country and abroad also, from ancient times. The rituals are varied, starting from mere chanting of Lord Siva’s name as “Om Namahsivaya” to the performance of complex Abhishekas and Rudra homams. Sahasralingarchana is the ultimate one in the group of Abhisheka processes. Normally the process includes chanting of series of body-purifying mantras under the captain of “Mahanyasa”. This will be followed by inviting 1128 deities in the form of 16 groups, with the last group being headed by Lord Siva. The book “Sahasra lingarchana PoojaVidanam” describes the total ritual process from the beginning to the end. For the benefit of these who world like to have a simple procedure,the procedure for Laghunyasa Poorvaka Rudrabhishekam is also provided. The special process of PasupataVidhanam is also in corporated as a reference text for the scholars, who can guide others under conditions of emergency.

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