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Course Title:  AIKV 8 - Lilavati Ganitam
First Level ZOOM Course for School Students


The subject of Indian Mathematics has become a household name in recent times. Fundamentally it has Vedic mathematics as the foundation, based on which were created higher structures by several great mathematicians like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Varahamihira, Bhaskaracharyas I and II, etc. The greatness of Indian mathematics could be gauged from the galaxy of translations of our ancient books of mathematics into several foreign languages for the past 1500 years.

Among all these great books, Lilavati Ganitam of Bhaskara II is very popular and is found to be highly useful to the students of regular schools and colleges, , and also to the youth appearing for competitive examinations.

Outcome Expected:

It is hoped that the knowledge of techniques given in Lilavati ganitam will improve the performance of the children in their regular classes and will help them to participate in competitive exams successfully.

Course Director :

“Vachaspati”, “Samskrit Mitra” “Sanskrit Sevavrati”,
Prof.Remella Avadhanulu
M.Sc.(NuclearPhysics),M.A.,Ph.D.(Sanskrit),M.A.,Ph.D.(Jyotisha),D.Litt (Hon)
Deputy Director (Retd.), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

Course Co-Directors:
Sri Oruganti Venkata Ramanayya : +91 83674 25628
Smt. Shanti Kiranmai (India) : +91 88977 69316

1. Prof. Remella Avadhanulu
2. Smt. Poornima Kameswari, Vishnubhotla

For more details, please contact:
Smt. Dasika Satya (India) : +91 98846 08613
Smt. Shanti Kiranmai (India) : +91 88977 69316


1) Course will commence from 15th June , 2023,

2) Course Duration:Total 20 sessions, with 5 sessions per week ( Monday to Friday), each session will be of 1 hour duration

3)Time:from 07.00 PM IST. (Time may get changed if necessary).

4) Course Fee per student has to be paid to "Shri Veda Bharathi" for enrolment.

I) India: INR 6,000/- to be paid through Net Banking or Google Pay or phone pay(From a source within India)

II) Other than India: US $80/- to be paid through Paypal/ Zelle

5) Additional amounts for each extra student from the same system.

I) India: INR 5,000/- to be paid through Net Banking or Google Pay or Phone Pay(From a source within India)

II) Other than India: US $60/- to be paid through Paypal/Zelle

6) Payment Instructions:
A) Fee is to be paid in advance.
B) Fees for the students from within India :- through Net Banking / GPay/ Phone pe

7) Links of Recorded videos of earlier Classes will be made available.

8) A Digital Certificate will be awarded after completion of the Course.

9) Medium of instruction will be English and Telugu.

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Works of SVB

Shri Veda Bharathi (SVB), the Public Charitable Trust, Hyderabad, has been striving hard for the past three decades, under the guidance of Dr.Remella Avadhanulu, for preservation and propagation of our rich ancient knowledge, like Vedas and Vedic wisdom..

As part of these activities, SVB is involved in
i) Executing Research projects
ii) Publishing several books in English and Telugu
iii) conducting several teaching and training programmes at various levels, through ZOOM classes
iv) covering the subjects like Veda Ganitam, Veda Vijnanam, Viswa Vijnanam, Lilavati Ganitam, etc. through TV Channels and social media

In fact We are happy to state that several thousands of students are trained to their utmost satisfaction.Keeping the requirements of the students and youth in view, Shri Veda Bharathi reviewed the subject of Lilavati Ganitam in detail and has decided to cover it in three levels, L1, L2 and L3, with each level having about 20 lectures of one hour duration each.

SVB Courses for Children

SVB has already organized seven courses under AIKV series (Ancient Indian Knowledge & Values) during the past three years. The present one is the next one in the series

Dear friends! Namaste!

Sub: "AIKV8- Lilavati Ganitam First Level Course- Online Classes for Children" - Invitation for Applications-reg.

At the outset, Shri Veda Bharathi (SVB)records its sincere thanks to all the parents who got their children trained by SVB on various aspects of our Culture, Vedic maths, Vedic Sciences, literature, etc.

Simultaneously we received several requests from parents for a series of lectures on various outstanding books of Indian Mathematics. Hence Shri Veda Bharathi has decided to conduct a series of courses on subjects like Lilavati Ganitam, Aryabhatiyam etc. in a phased manner.

In that process, SVB is now commencing a new programme from 15 June 2023, in that direction:

" AIKV8-Lilavati Ganitam First level Course- online classes for children".

Some of the mathematical techniques, elaborated beautifully in Lilavati Ganitam by Bhaskaracharya 2, will be covered in this course.

Students who are familiar with Divisions and fractions of Mathematics are eligible to join.

The details of the course are given in the form.

Parents who are interested in this course for their children are requested to fill and submit the same at the earliest.

In fact, elders are also welcome to join to enjoy the beauty of ancient Indian Mathematics.

Course Content (Broadly)

  1. Multiplications- different methods
  2. Squares
  3. Square Roots
  4. Cubes
  5. Cube roots
  6. Higher order Roots
  7. HCF & LCM
  8. Continued Fractions
  9. Vyasta vidhi
  10. Ishta Karma
  11. Samkramanam
  12. Varga Karma
  13. Guna karma
  14. Trairaasikam

Payment Details

Net banking

Online Transfer from any bank within India to Shri Veda Bharathi account at State Bank of India, Hyderabad

Account Details

Account holder : SHRI VEDA BHARATHI
Name of the Bank : State Bank of India
Bank Branch : Balkampet
Bank Account Number : 10123100659
IFSC Code : SBIN0003607

i) Google Pe in India

Google Pe Account number : 9849459316 ( Dr.RVSS Avadhanulu )

ii) Phone Pe in India

Phone Pe Account number : 9849459316 ( RS Rathnam )

(iii) Paypal/Zelle:For payments from USA, UK and Other countries
(It may please be noted that PAYPAL collects 2.5% of the paid amount for its service charges, where as ZELLE has no charges.)

(iv) Net banking - Online Transfer from any bank within India to Shri Veda Bharathi account at State Bank of India, Hyderabad.

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